IGT Consult as a Communications Broker specializes in auditing telecommunications network,data services and billing for medium, and large enterprise companies.  We have an auditing team that perform a comprehensive analogies outlining all of the current services, services in question and identify options to reduce or bring the current expense to market pricing. Optimising the benefits by utilizing our exclusive circuit billing program. We verify circuits in use, identify unused local lines and circuits, and also detail over billed charges for negotiation with the carrier.  Many times we find that the accounting department is paying bills that they do not understand or the IT department requests cancellations that do not happen and are still incurring cost.

Often firms with multiple locations do not understand why their phone bills are so different from one location to the next.  They contract IGT Consult on a contract basis to regularly review and audit their communications expenses, we identify where improvements can be made and costs cut.  Many times there are unnecessary redundancies or poorly negotiated contracts within a multi-location business network. Our services are continually updated to provide the most current programs and discounts made available by the carriers.

We have saved countless clients millions of dollars through our services on a annual regular basis.